Meet Ian & Marilyn

Ian & Marilyn Matroos looked for an asset and found this space. They bought it as it was their dream.

We made our dream a memory and started with the words: “You only live once”

Ian and Marilyn played with all the ideas that they loved and Marilyn’s vision book was born. 

This establishment was constructed by the local community and the guys from HOPE AGAIN recovery home, where Ian & Marilyn served in Cape Town, helped them build.

“We are very grateful for them.”

 The project commenced in Dec 2008 with great faith and perseverance and was completed in Dec 2012. 

The unforgettable journey which became our testimony. WOW, today it still has the POWER to help others who listens to it and understands with God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

 By faith and a positive attitude, we only worked with what was in our hand and worked very hard and smart with the little we had. Our faith grew and the Favour of God made all things possible.

Coming from Cape Town most Fridays, meant late nights for Ian & Marilyn. They packed up and moved out late Sunday nights to pursue their dream. It was challenging but worth it.

There was even a wedding in the unfinished house and today they are blessed because you do not need everything to be perfect to have a beautiful wedding and walk away debt free!

We cannot tell all here but many who has come and heard the testimony were motivated and started their own businesses! You WILL be blessed by it!!

Ian & Marilyn realised all the knowledge they acquired over all our years came into play and with great passion, they pursue, understanding these facts.

“Never underestimate the power of the spoken words over your life as only you can speak it into existence.”

Ian & Marilyn says: “We believe we serve a creative God so we created what you can come and enjoy today.  

We also believe we serve a God of restoration and we restored this unique house to become a boutique hotel. 

Small enough to bond and spacious enough to enjoy and have fun!”

Ian & Marilyn are passionate to serve people and give them an experience on the West Coast that will bring them good memories.

May your dreams become a memory here.